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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, Acknowledge the Climate Crisis is A Water Crisis
Read the Open Letter to the Prime Minister in regard to the 2022 Budget. 

The Forum for Leadership on Water is an independent, non-partisan group of policy experts from across Canada.


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April 2021

A Shared Vision for the Canada Water Agency

The notion of a Canada Water Agency has captured the imagination of the freshwater community, but little is known about the Agency and what it could actually mean for water management across the country. In February 2021, a number of water organizations came together to craft a shared vision for the Agency.

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October 2020

Protecting Environmental Flows for Fish Habitat

Environmental flows are critical to fish and all aquatic life, yet environmental flow protections across Canada are uneven, inconsistent, and often fall through the cracks of shared water management systems. Introducing new regulations under the Fisheries Act could help fill these gaps.

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October 2020

A Framework for Watershed Organizations

Watershed organizations are generally considered ideal vehicles for promoting responsible local decision making. While they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, building a framework based on the three pillars of science, policy, and service can help any watershed organization ensure it is best suited to the socio-hydrological system it is serving. 

Bringing together past political leaders, former officials with federal and provincial governments, and senior staff of respected research institutes and non-governmental organizations, FLOW has been working for over a decade to secure the health of Canada’s fresh water.

We convene leading thinkers, provide critical analysis and commentary, and engage with governments to advance progressive public policies and inform important decisions about the future of our most precious resource.



Oliver Brandes
FLOW Chair

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Jim Bruce

Murray Clamen

Marc Hudon

Ted Yuzyk

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FLOW works to ensure that legal, public policy and governance systems are in place to ensure the protection and sustainable management of Canada’s freshwater resources and ecosystems. Explore a decade of work that includes comprehensive reports, policy briefs and formal submissions to governments.


The FLOW Monitor is a periodically published bulletin that provides analysis and perspective by FLOW members and guest commentators on key water issues and public policy solutions.

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