March 2020

Looking Back at Federal Freshwater Leadership

Nearly 13 years ago, a diverse group of water experts came together to publish a landmark report that made a compelling case to renew federal focus on freshwater. This group would eventually form FLOW. As we enter a new decade, we take a look back on what has changed – and what has remained the same – since FLOW's founding report was published.   


February 2020

Modernizing the Canada Water Act

The federal government’s primary freshwater legislation, the Canada Water Act, is nearly 50 years old and far removed from our current water reality. Modernizing the Act is critical to comprehensively redefining federal leadership and helping to prevent Canada’s emerging water crisis.


February 2020

Establishing a Canada Water Agency

The federal government has pledged to establish a new Canada Water Agency and has taken substantive steps to do so. FLOW members are encouraged by these developments and will be following this file closely. This article offers some initial thoughts and key considerations regarding establishment of the Canada Water Agency. 

Bringing together past political leaders, former officials with federal and provincial governments, and senior staff of respected research institutes and non-governmental organizations, FLOW has been working for over a decade to secure the health of Canada’s fresh water.

We convene leading thinkers, provide critical analysis and commentary, and engage with governments to advance progressive public policies and inform important decisions about the future of our most precious resource.



Oliver Brandes
FLOW Chair

Norm Brandson

Jim Bruce

Murray Clamen

Marc Hudon

Brenda Lucas

Tony Maas

Michael Miltenberger

Ralph Pentland

Merrell-Ann Phare

Robert Sandford

Ted Yuzyk

Richard Farthing-Nichol




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